Welcome to CMG – a place of open-hearted discussion in relation to all kinds of animal-welfare.

On behalf of the CMG it’s my honour to welcome you to this website, a hub for everything that our community of animal advocates discusses in our regular meetings. We’re a diverse group of animal enthusiasts who believe that all life is sacred. Whilst we might not necessarily agree on everything, we are united by our passion for animals and our duty to speak out for them.

The topics that we cover on this site and in our meetings include:

Environmental Changes – We are fully committed to discussing the environment and are agreed on the scientific fact that climate change is happening. We regularly use the open discussion forums to talk about how this change is affecting the habitats of creatures around the world and within Cornwall.

Local Species Watch – There are hundreds of unique species living in our county and we see it as out responsibility to look out for every single one of them. At each meeting we make sure to shine a spotlight on at least one local species and always try to end our meetings with an actionable plan regarding how we can help them.

Animal Welfare – The welfare of all animals around the world is of paramount importance to us. Each week we devote a section of our meeting to discussing the plight a particular animal and aim to create content that highlights this animal. We then spend the next week aiming to promote this cause on social media and around our local neighbourhoods.