An open and inclusive group of animal enthusiasts in Cornwall!

Our Earth is a beautiful one filled with all kinds of wonderful creatures – have you taken time to consider all of the mammals that we share this planet with?

CMG are a group of nature lovers based in Cornwall, united by their common love for the creatures that they share the Earth with. They meet on a semi-regular basis to discuss animal welfare, recent developments in the environment and their pets.

There is no membership required to join the CMG as we believe ourselves to be a truly open group. Although we are united by our affinity for animals the world over, we do try to make an effort to make life easier for those mammals that we live with here in Cornwall.

The subject of animal welfare is often a tricky one to broach, our weekly discussions are intended to bring the minutiae of this wide-reaching area into light and we often invite members of other groups who may have opposing views to our own in order for us all to grow as animal lovers and people.

This website collects together a record of our meetings, highlights upcoming events that you may wish to take part in and also covers other topics related to animals. If you have an enquiry about our group or any of the content found on this site then please don’t hesitate to send us a message over on the ‘Contact’ page.