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If you do see any mammal, please do let us and the local record centre know.

We need to know WHAT you saw, WHERE and WHEN you saw it and WHO you are. Records can be sent direct to ERCCIS here.
















If you see a fox in your garden, a dead badger on side of the road, your cat brings in a mouse, you've spotted a molehill or made any other mammal sighting; please send us your records and help to safeguard Cornwall’s mammals!

Records of WHAT you have seen, WHEN and WHERE are vital to build a picture of what is happening to the mammals in Cornwall, as well as details of WHO submitted the record, incase of any queries.

To find out more and to submit your records see the ERCCIS Wildlife Recording page.

National Grid References Help!

For Ordnance Survey maps, to help you determine the grid references you can use the Get-A-Map website.

....Not sure how to use Get-A-Map??? Click here for some instructions!

Wildlife recording form

You can download the form above to help you collate your records and then either input them electronically on the wildlife recording page or post them to address on the form.

Priority Areas

We have identified some areas in Cornwall that are particularly under-recorded. If you live in one of these grid squares or visit one please do send us mammal records.

Under recorded squares

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Download the new free Mammal Tracker app!

You can now also record your mammal sightings on your Smartphone!

Available nationally, you can download an app to identify and submit records of mammals from the Google Play store for Android and the itunes store for iPhones

Mammal Tracker will help you identify which mammal species you have seen with photos, descriptions, sounds and annotated images of those that are often easily confused, as well as making it easy to submit the record to us. We ask that you try to get photos where possible as this helps with verifying the record but you can still submit records without photos. 

You can also visit the Mammal Tracker app's own website at  to see all records and find out if you are on the leaderboard for the number of mammal species you have recorded!