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If you do see any mammal, please do let us and the local record centre know.

We need to know WHAT you saw, WHERE and WHEN you saw it and WHO you are. Records can be sent direct to ERCCIS here.












In order to get more records of mammals across Cornwall, we would like to encourage anyone to take part in one or more of our surveys.

See below for links to the surveys you can get involved with.


Download the new free Mammal Tracker app!

Record your mammal sightings on your Smartphone!

Available nationally, you can download an app to identify and submit records of mammals from the Google Play store for Android and the itunes store for iPhones

Mammal Tracker will help you identify which mammal species you have seen with photos, descriptions, sounds and annotated images of those that are often easily confused, as well as making it easy to submit the record to us. We ask that you try to get photos where possible as this helps with verifying the record but you can still submit records without photos. 

You can also visit the Mammal Tracker app's own website at  to see all records and find out if you are on the leaderboard for the number of mammal species you have recorded!


Coastal Otters - Swansea Uni

The purpose of this survey is to gather information on how important coastal areas in Britain might be for otters. So please get in contact if you have seen an otter in a coastal or estuarine location anywhere in Britain



Mammals on your Rambles

Off on a walk? Print off and take this simple record form with you and keep an eye out for mammals and their signs. Its easy to fill in and once you have one or more records send it to us or fill in the details directly on the ERCCIS website.

Download Record Form PDF


The Mammal Society's National Small Mammal Survey

We are supporting this new survey scheme, so if you want to get involved and learn new small mammal survey skills contact us.

Click here for more information.


Holey Moley!

Seen a molehill?...please let us know! Send your record to ERCCIS here. For more information on our Mole Survey download a pdf here.